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Swords & Soldiers II Level Assets 1

Worked on this great Wii-U Title over at Ronimo Games as a 'guns for hire' artist : )

I was hired as the main level asset artist... all my assets are buried in these screenshots (amongst the beautiful hand-animated character sprites done by the other artists O_O)

Apart from actually painting the assets I was also in charge of colour-scripting the levels and setting the overall mood as well as setting the painty style for the backgrounds..

If you are interested in how the assets were used here's a great link on the development:

I will update this soon with some clearer views on the assets : )))

Adam daroszewski large 4
Adam daroszewski large 3
Adam daroszewski large
Adam daroszewski day into night same assets reused
Adam daroszewski day into night assets
Adam daroszewski day into night multiply and fog